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I am an artist by profession, how crazy is that?

I used to work as a computer programmer, I'm studying ancient Greek for the hell of it, and I'd really like to learn how to sing the blues. I dance, I write, I teach, I blend custom fragrances, and I'm a gourmet cook. In other words, I'm many things, but I'm never *bored*.

My spiritual practice is an unorthodox blend of Hellenic Polytheism, Feri, and scientific skepticism. It keeps me on my toes.

Not related to kittenpants.org, kittenpants.com, or a good 90% of the kittenpantses you're likely to find on a google whack. But I am the kittenpants on Deviant ART.

By the way, the dates for UMKC are misleading there -- I dropped out of school from 2000 to 2007, but there's no way to make it show the gap. So, don't get all impressed or nothin'.
80's music, accents, acquiring new skills, afflicting street preachers, alan moore, applied surrealism, archetypes, art, baths, beethoven, big black boots, birth control, biting, boys in eyeliner, brian froud, camping, candles, change, chaos, chosen families, comparative religions, competence, cooking with booze, cooperative games, corsets, costuming, culture jamming, curves on women, dancing with penguins, design, dill pickles, dionysus, dirty songs about gods, discordianism, divination, diy, down comforters, drag, dreams, driving by entropy, drums, duct tape, ecstatic dance, eddie izzard, emotional intelligence, environmentalism, etymology, excellence, eyeliner, falsifying statistics, feri, fight club, filk, firefly, flylady, garlic, gay rights, geekiness, genetics, ginger, glamourbombs, greek religion, hard cider, hats, hedonism, hestia, high weirdness, highly evolved men, home improvement, honesty, honey, hot tubs, hybrid cars, imagination, improvisation, innuendo, iron pentacle, jewelry making, kansas city, kemetic unorthodox rat screw, kilts, know thyself, language, learning, liberalism, linguistics, magyar, making people think, mead, memetics, mischief, modified librarians, more books, mythology, not watching television, npr, obscure cultural references, paint, painting, paradigm shifts, peacock angel, pin-up art, pirates, polyamory, popcorn, psyche kitty, raves, recipes, religion, renfaires, responsible eclecticism, s.j. tucker, sapiosexuality, sashimi, sawdust, sensual decadence, shinto, shiny things, shiva nataraja, singing, sleeping, smart fierce women, soap, spades, surrealist action, sushi, taoism, tea, the tick, theatre, third ways, unitarian universalism, ursula vernon, varnish, victimless pranks, virtue, wenches, wild rumpuses, wood screws, word games, yarn