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Two weeks and a day.

So much to do. Might explode. Gah.

After doing the insane amount of math to determine pricing... it came out to be really close to BPAL's prices. So, I'll go with the "industry standard price point" and call it a damn day. (Coulda saved myself the trouble... oh well.)

The labels I'd ordered that were mis-printed have been re-printed and arrived today. So I got those cut and have that little item crossed off the list. (So now I have a gift for Alec, too, rowangolightly!)

Today we set up our account with UPS, I ordered display vials (after a really ugly mistake I made on the previous display bottles, argh), we applied for online banking and our resale license, khryseos is finishing the display stand, and I got another 50 bottles mixed, filled, capped, and labeled...

Need to order backer boards and poly bags for prints, and re-do prints on a bunch of my stuff. Greeting cards won't make it to Strowler, but might make it to the website in time for Yule?


Bonnie Pirate Laddie had a good audition today for the fall musical. Tomorrow's audition is for the mock trial team. Auditions for the Shakespeare troupe and the speech team are coming up soon. Driver's ed starts after Strowler. Chorale is, I think, already practicing for their summer tour in Spain.

Heh. Maybe next summer we can do the Odyssey Craftworks European Tour. That would be AMAZING.
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