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Recipe: Make-Ahead Rosemary Dinner Rolls

I reserve the right to break from primal/paleo for Thanksgiving and Yule. =)

Make-Ahead Rosemary Dinner Rolls

Adapted from a Cooks Illustrated recipe, these dinner rolls can be made up to a month in advance... or just a couple of hours before dinner. You can omit the rosemary for a more traditional dinner roll that will work with any meal.

Makes 24 rolls.
Preparation time: 2.5 hours
Cooking time: 25 min
Difficulty: Medium - some experience needed
Dietary guidance: vegetarian, nut-free
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Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?


Conclusion 1: This person is a bibliophile, or possibly a bibliovore stocking up for the winter.

Conclusion 2: Either they cheerfully raid library sales, or they have a LOT of overdue books.

Conclusion 3: Based on volume of books, they are most interested in:
  1. Science Fiction and Fantasy
  2. Witchcraft and Paganism
  3. Classics with a focus on Ancient Greek Religion
  4. Art
  5. Foreign languages, especially ancient Greek and Hungarian
  6. Cooking

Conclusion 4: This person must be a librarian. The fiction books are separate from non-fiction, and are shelved by author's last name. Fiction anthologies are on their own shelf. Non-fiction is organized by subject, with neat labels for the subject headings on the shelves. It isn't by the Dewey Decimal System, but there is clearly a system in place. There is place to stack books to be reshelved.

Conclusion 5: This bitch must be killer at Trivial Pursuit.
"Pygmalion and Galatea"


My PayPal buttons don't work.

Can't add the plugins I need to my sites without paying a new hosting company (for each site) and rebuilding the websites from scratch.

Tech support at web hosting company was a douchebag -- failed to answer my questions and cut me off and hung up on me.

Booth banner will be 8'x2'. The dpi needs to be 300. This file size is too large to make on any computer in the house.

Have bruised my finger from bottling perfumes, and am just now reaching the 1/3 mark. 400 more bottles to go. Must. Find. Thimble.

The house is a disastrous mess.
"Pygmalion and Galatea"

Two weeks and a day.

So much to do. Might explode. Gah.

After doing the insane amount of math to determine pricing... it came out to be really close to BPAL's prices. So, I'll go with the "industry standard price point" and call it a damn day. (Coulda saved myself the trouble... oh well.)

The labels I'd ordered that were mis-printed have been re-printed and arrived today. So I got those cut and have that little item crossed off the list. (So now I have a gift for Alec, too, rowangolightly!)

Today we set up our account with UPS, I ordered display vials (after a really ugly mistake I made on the previous display bottles, argh), we applied for online banking and our resale license, khryseos is finishing the display stand, and I got another 50 bottles mixed, filled, capped, and labeled...

Need to order backer boards and poly bags for prints, and re-do prints on a bunch of my stuff. Greeting cards won't make it to Strowler, but might make it to the website in time for Yule?


Bonnie Pirate Laddie had a good audition today for the fall musical. Tomorrow's audition is for the mock trial team. Auditions for the Shakespeare troupe and the speech team are coming up soon. Driver's ed starts after Strowler. Chorale is, I think, already practicing for their summer tour in Spain.

Heh. Maybe next summer we can do the Odyssey Craftworks European Tour. That would be AMAZING.
"Pygmalion and Galatea"

Upcoming Awesomeness

Please help me get the word out. Put it on your calendars, put it in your newsletters, help me boost the signal to further the cause of Pagan Music That Doesn't Suck.

The big one is StrowlerFest in St. Louis, Sept 10-12. OMG, it's going to be like running away to join the circus for a weekend. BUT BETTER. The days are filled with workshops and classes on juggling and professional singing and being a street performer. The nights will be filled with concerts from some of the BEST Pagan bands and artists currently performing. Wendy Rule is flying in from Australia. Sharon Knight is coming in from California. SJ Tucker is coming in from her gypsy wanderings, with Tricky Pixie and the Travelling Fates. Dreamtrybe is reuniting for this show. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. And there's more, but I'll let you look at the website. Oh, well, one more thing. I'm launching my new business ventures there. Come and fondle the merchandise see the new art prints, smell the amazing new fragrances, and ooh and aah over the very shiny things.

If you aren't in the Midwest, there are Strowler Events coming up in October on both coasts (MA and WA), also detailed on the Strowler website.

If you're in KC, you have the chance to get a preview of the awesomeness at Amethyst Dreams on September 1, where SJ Tucker will be performing.

And if you simply can't make the trip to St. Louis, you will still have the opportunity to see Sharon Knight in concert at Selene's on September 12. How awesome is that? (If you haven't heard the CDs released by Sharon & Thorn: "Songs for the Waning Year" and "Songs for the Strengthening Sun", you are missing out on a wealth of gorgeous ritual and devotional music.)
"Pygmalion and Galatea"

How Low-Fat Diets REALLY Work

I was discussing this with a friend. I remember doing one of these diets many many years ago...

The Low-Fat Diet

How it REALLY works: Conditioned anorexia.

You are required to eat at least 6oz of protein every day, but the only allowable forms are lean skinless chicken breast, or lean skinless turkey breast, with no gravy, sauce, or butter. After a week, you are disgusted by the taste of poultry breast. After two weeks, it all tastes like cardboard to you, and you dread eating it. This dread generalizes, and you become apathetic about eating at all. So you mostly don't eat. You become depressed, the passing of days becomes hazy, and you only eat when you blearily remember that you aren't quite ready to die yet.

How it fails: Free Will.

One day, a thought will bubble up through the fog of your starving brain. You will realize that you have only been considering two options: eat more dry, bland, flavorless chicken, or slow starvation. But there is a third choice! There is a way out! You can STOP SUFFERING and EAT NORMAL FOOD! Crying with the joyous revelation, you eat something deep-fried and covered in gravy. You nap the contented nap of someone who is actually satiated (the best sleep you can remember), and wake up able to think clearly for the first time in weeks. You decide that any weight you lost on the diet was good enough for now, and you'd rather be not-quite-at-goal-weight and HAPPY than thin, miserable, depressed, and incoherent.
Dionysos, Blue God, Wine, Ecstatic Ritual

Painted Fan

A doodle. Trying to throw some art together for a new website.

Plans are afoot. Can't say more until more is confirmed (I'm paranoid about jinxing things), but several long-term plans are coming together in a glorious way. I have a fire lit under my... root chakra... and am sprinting forwards (and fearwards) toward a new cliff to leap off of, Sacred-Fool-style.

Here we go.

And khryseos and I aren't the only ones doing this. Oldest Son (herein known as Goth Daddy) has turned over a new leaf and is moving to Kansas City. I trust my KC crewe to keep him in only the best kinds of trouble.

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